If 2020 Were a Beverage, It Would be Colonoscopy Prep

Ahhhh colonoscopies, the ever dreaded and not discussed procedure that absolutely everyone hates. I feel ya! I thought I had another 20 years or so before I had to get on the regularly scheduled colonoscopy train, but that train pulled up much quicker than anticipated and gave me a front seat. Colonoscopies are now partContinue reading “If 2020 Were a Beverage, It Would be Colonoscopy Prep”

Mastectomy Options – Flat, Flap, and Foobs

When discussing options for reconstruction with my doctors, I was given three choices : flat, flap, or foobs (they didn’t actually call it foobs, but I like it, so I am going with it). It makes it easier to remember. Many factors go into which option you choose. There is no one size fits allContinue reading “Mastectomy Options – Flat, Flap, and Foobs”

Two Weeks Post Mastectomy – Recovery Recap

I haven’t mustered up the energy to brush my hair yet today, I’ve been living in a fuzzy robe that has meatloaf stains on it from three nights ago, and I spent 6 hours binge watching Emily in Paris on Netflix. Oh wait, that’s not any different than what most Sunday’s look like around here.Continue reading “Two Weeks Post Mastectomy – Recovery Recap”

5 Mastectomy Recovery Must Haves

If you are going through a mastectomy yourself or are looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend that is, these are my five must haves! I seriously could not have gotten through this without these items. Each item below is linked for easy shopping! Target Jammies These pajamas are amazing. They are SO softContinue reading “5 Mastectomy Recovery Must Haves”