5 Mastectomy Recovery Must Haves

If you are going through a mastectomy yourself or are looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend that is, these are my five must haves! I seriously could not have gotten through this without these items. Each item below is linked for easy shopping!

  1. Target Jammies

These pajamas are amazing. They are SO soft and loosey goosey. You’ll want shirts / clothing that can button down since you can’t lift your arms above your head for a while. It also allows for easy access for drain tubes and to check incision sights.

2. Athleta Zipper Bra

This bra is perfect for after surgery compression and comfort. It has an easy front zipper to allow you to check surgical sights or to change bandages. Plus, it’s super comfy!

3. Target Fuzzy Robe

This. Was. Game changing. I actually didn’t wear a shirt for probably two weeks post-surgery. I just wore the compression bra and my fuzzy robe.

4. Wedge Pillow

Unless you have David Beckham’s abs, you’ll struggle getting out of bed post-surgery. This pillow keeps you propped up and allows for easier to and from bed transfers.

5. Dry Shampoo

Because well, greasy hair. Its difficult to brush your own hair after surgery, let alone wash it. This is my all time favorite dry shampoo!  

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