My name is Hanna.

I am a lover of life, doer of adventures, dog mom (peep that cute 3 legged German Shepherd in the picture), wife to an amazing husband whom was told not to wear those darn slippers for this photo, but he did it anyway, and overall…just a really happy human being who is so grateful to be here.

A little about me. I have Li Fraumeni Syndrome – a rare disorder that greatly increases the risk of developing several types of cancer. I am an osteosarcoma survivor, breast cancer “previvor” and prophylactic mastectomy doer, amputee, scoliosis and spinal fusion warrior , wheelchair user, IVF aspiring mom, and probably the most unfortunate, celiac disease. That last one is tragic, I know…who doesn’t love bread and beer?

I found myself turning to blogs and social media to get real information about all of these things I was dealing with. The problem was that I couldn’t find it. I didn’t want the pamphlets from the doctor that showed illustrations and not even real people. I didn’t want the sugar coated facts off WebMD. No, I wanted real, raw information from people actually experiencing it.

I spent days scouring the internet to find stories of young women in their 20’s doing preventative mastectomy’s, I have spent countless hours looking for perfect gluten free recipe ideas, and I still have yet to successfully find my soul mate: amputee I can exchange shoes with… anyone know a size 6 righty?

So, that’s why I’m here. My passion is sharing my experiences and snippets about my life through various channels – my website, social media, blog, and public speaking. I want to be a resource and tool for people.

Sound interesting?

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