Mastectomy Options – Flat, Flap, and Foobs

When discussing options for reconstruction with my doctors, I was given three choices : flat, flap, or foobs (they didn’t actually call it foobs, but I like it, so I am going with it). It makes it easier to remember. Many factors go into which option you choose. There is no one size fits allContinue reading “Mastectomy Options – Flat, Flap, and Foobs”

Two Weeks Post Mastectomy – Recovery Recap

I haven’t mustered up the energy to brush my hair yet today, I’ve been living in a fuzzy robe that has meatloaf stains on it from three nights ago, and I spent 6 hours binge watching Emily in Paris on Netflix. Oh wait, that’s not any different than what most Sunday’s look like around here.Continue reading “Two Weeks Post Mastectomy – Recovery Recap”

Saying “Tata to the Tata’s”

Women with the TP53 mutation, otherwise known as LFS or Li-Fraumeni syndrome, have an extremely high chance of developing breast cancer during their lifetime. Because of this, many women choose to undergo a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.  And, I’m proud to say that I became one of those women on November 9th, 2020. There are aContinue reading “Saying “Tata to the Tata’s””