“This was the BEST and MOST inspiring presentation I have ever heard! This wonderful young lady captivated us with her story and left me with the sweet renewal of the passion to help and care for others in my professional role as a nurse and reminds me of what a privilege it is to give into others’ lives and make them better!”

– Mayo Clinic Orthopedic Nursing Conference Attendee


“I heard Hanna speak at an event for students who have overcome incredible odds and are pursuing their dream of higher education. We could not have asked for a more perfect keynote speaker to address our audience and her powerful story made all of us feel like we can accomplish amazing things if we believe in ourselves and in our dreams!

– Deb Ward, RCTC Foundation Executive Director


“Hanna does an excellent job of connecting to her audience members through her personal experience of struggle and triumph, teaching everyone that if you keep trying, you will succeed. She is well-spoken and interesting to listen to. Audiences of all ages can connect to her message and can relate to her journey.”

–Lisa Goihl, District Instructional Coach at Kasson-Mantorville Schools